The company IACOPLASTICA SRL, owes its name to its founder and entrepreneur Giovanni Iacolare.

The career of Giovanni begins in the role of a production operator, and then he became manager in one of Italy’s largest plastic shopping bags companies.
After twenty years of experience in the production of shopping bags, the company for which Giovanni had been working, closed down, leading him to lose his job.

Despite the dark period, thanks to tenacity, commitment and multiple sacrifices, Giovanni buys a small machine in installments, thus starting his own shopping bag manufacturing business in 1989.
His son Antimo Iacolare succeeded Giovanni in what turns out to be a thriving business. With the same commitment and passion as his father, Antimo carries on that spirit of entrepreneurship thanks to which the company has exceeded and still exceeds expectations in the production and trade of this sector.

Today the company employs a young, motivated team, eager to grasp every day the evolution of the market aspiring to ambitious goals.

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